On 11-12 February 2010, researchers working on modelling the different pathogens-matrix combinations in BIOTRACER gathered together in a Horizontal Integration Task meeting in Amsterdam to discuss modelling methodology for biotracing.

The first day, the developed models in each chain were discussed, whereas the second day focused on discussing commonalities and differences in the various modelling approaches. This resulted in commonly agreed definitions to be used in the various research papers ( e.g. biotraceability is the ability to use downstream information (i.e. to infer) to point to materials, processes or actions within a particular production chain that can be identified as the source of undesirable agents using a model-based approach) as well as a common paper on a "General concept for tracing microbial contamination in food chains" for the upcoming Journal Supplement in the International Journal of Food Microbiology on biotracing.

The HIT-(wo)men from left to right: Gunnar Andersson (SVA), Monika Matt (AGES), Alexandre Maffre (CNIEL), Annemarie Pielaat (RIVM), Gary Barker (IFR), Joost Smid (RIVM), Fanny Tenenhaus-Aziza (CNIEL), and Judith Straver (RIVM.