Workshop title: Microarray innovation workshop

The workshop was held 22-23 January 2008, at the Ascot Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. This event was organised by Hugo Grønlund.

The purpose of the workshop was to develop new ideas within microarray that can contribute to making microarray more specific, robust, and quantitative. The focus was on Salmonella DNA array.

The idea of the workshop is to develop and test a number of protocols from the participants’ original ideas. Every protocol will be the basis for a number of laboratory experiments that the participants and/or their associates should conduct. After the laboratory experiments, the participants will get together and evaluate the results from the different protocols.

  1. From idea to protocol:
    The participants present their ideas and thoughts and everybody gives input and contributes to trim, change, fuse and develop the ideas After all of the ideas have been put forward and thoroughly discussed, the participants will decide which of the ideas are best suited and most likely to result in workable protocols. The protocols must contain all of the necessary steps that make it possible to conduct a real experiment in the laboratory. All materials (primers, probes, buffers, enzymes, reagents, fluofores, etc.) must be listed in the finished protocol, as extensively as possible. This includes sequences, DNA, id for strains etc.
  2. Experimental phase:
    The protocols that have been produced in phase one will be tested in the laboratory – real time. The participants that are engaged in the different protocols will do the
    experimental work which may take 1-2 days per protocol. Experiments will be done at the Mørkhøj Bygade site in Copenhagen so that all protocols are tested in the same environment.
  3. Evaluation:
    When all of the protocols have been put into practice, the participants will meet to evaluate the results. All setups and protocols will be examined and evaluated individually on the basis of results, discrimination/cutoff, statistics, workflow, price, handling, etc., all of which will be written in a document as a starting point for an article on each protocol.

Expected outcome
The expected outcome is a number of practicable protocols and assays as well as publications about completed protocols.

Microarray innovation workshop flyer